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Our story

Inspired by the delights of the Mediterranean cuisine, Mustapha and Adib founded Crispy Falafel Inc. in 2011. Since his childhood, Mustapha enjoyed travelling to several countries on three continents. His journey enabled him to discover cultures, languages and the zest of all life has to offer. He has owned several successful businesses and worked in various industries building his strong curriculum in entrepreneurship. Mustapha was always passionate about his Mediterranean roots, culture, cuisine and upbringing. When he migrated to Canada, over two decades ago, he was astonished by the absence of authentic Mediterranean cuisine in the lower mainland. He made it his mission to embark on a journey to fulfil this need for his community. Born in Lebanon, often referred to as “the gourmet’s paradise”, Mustapha was always drawn to his mother’s home cooking of authentic Lebanese cuisine. He has been taking notes on recipes & culinary ideas all his life.

Lebanon, an ancient, spiritual and rich land, is the home of the oldest most inhabited cities in the world such as Sidon, Tyre and Byblos. For centuries, diverse religious traditions have shared this land, the taste and authenticity of its culture and cuisine that is deeply inspired by humility, simplicity, unity and serenity. The Scriptures tell us that Jesus undertook more than one preaching, and done many miracles between Tyre and Sidon, among which the first was transforming water into wine in Cana. For centuries, this mystical and serene land has upheld its reputation as the destination for the authentic, healthiest and most exquisite culinary creations in the world.

Crispy Falafel’s concept was so successful that two additional locations have been open to serve the community in the last couple of years.

Supporting our local communities is essential to our business practice. We support various local charities focusing on eliminating poverty and improving education and the lives of children in need. We aspire to help our clients enjoy homemade healthy Mediterranean recipes so they can indulge in memorable experience. Crispy Falafel has become the go to place for people to enjoy affordable casual dining through incredible recipes with soul.

Mustapha and his family live in the beautiful lower mainland of British Columbia.

About us

At Crispy Falafel, we strive to offer our clients healthy & homemade Special culinary creations for every day. The benefits of Mediterranean food is often in the news. There is an important trend to follow this diet as a life style to achieve optimum health. At Crispy Falafel, we are proud to bring these benefits to our customers through authentic Mediterranean cuisine, fresh vegetables & ingredients. Although the Mediterranean diet has existed for centuries, people in the western world are starting to discover it and enjoy the healthy benefits that come with it.

Taste our authentic Mediterranean flavors infused with freshness and the healthiest and ethically sourced ingredients.

We continue to innovate through the development of new menu items and satisfy different demographics. Over the years, we added vegan and gluten-free options. We are absolutely dedicated to our customers’ health and well-being as a restaurant. We don’t take any short-cuts and only use authentic, locally & ethically sourced ingredients. Many restaurants cut down on their costs by using low quality olive oil; we choose to use extra virgin olive oil, as a healthier option for customers. Our policy is that if there is any dish/ingredient that is not healthy enough for our kids, it is never on our menu.

Recipes cooked with the finest ingredients:

They say you are what you eat! Often fast food restaurants are reluctant to divulge the source of their ingredients and specially the meat components. At Crispy Falafel, we want to make a difference in helping our clients and local communities indulge in affordable and healthy meals without compromising the quality. Awaken your Mediterranean senses with mouth-watering recipes crafted with love and includes fresh ingredients sourced with the outmost respect to life, nature and the environment.

Our providers are meticulously handpicked for high standards in quality and freshness of their ingredients. We are proud that our meat & poultry are ethically sourced and fully traceable. When choosing suppliers, we ensure that they can help us deliver the quality standard we have committed to our clients. We offer halal certified, humanely sourced meat, because life is a sacred blessing of god to creation. Here are some of the key benefits of our meat, vegetables and spice ingredients.

Our beef: grass fed world class quality

Our beef is halal certified and locally sourced;
World class quality;
Product traceability;
Grass fed & grain finished on a small family owned farm;
100% BC born raised and processed;
AAA Angus Genetics cattle;
Raised without the use of added hormones or steroids.

Our “aussie” lamb: free range and naturally fed

Our Australian Lamb is sourced from the highest quality provider where lambs roams free-range and is naturally fed. The meat is deliciously mild tasting and naturally lean and tender. It is free of artificial additives and hormone growth. We are proud to guarantee that it is a pure product of its pure environment. The Aussie lamb has many nutritional values and is well sought after for a healthy diet regime. When it comes to choosing healthy proteins, lean Aussie Lamb is a delicious and healthy choice for racking up your high quality protein needs. With Aussie lambs raised predominately on pasture, it naturally contains 13 essential nutrients required for good health, including Iron, Zinc, and Omega-3 and B vitamins.

Our chicken: free run on wheat based diet

Our chicken is pure and comes from high quality supplier where birds are grown by local poultry farmers. Our chicken are free run and are raised on a wheat based diet. Free run means that the birds are given the freedom to wander around an enclosed barn.

Our vegetables

Our fresh vegetables are sourced daily from local farms for maximum freshness, health and flavours. The secret of our recipes lies in the quality of our “farm to table” approach across the board.

Our spices

To achieve optimum flavours and authenticity, our recipes are infused with the most genuine hand mixed spices, aromas and fresh herbs for the pleasure of our clients.

Our secret sauces & flavours:

Enjoy the zest of homemade sauces infused with our freshest ingredients of herbs, vegetables, spices and aromas:

Our Tahini is a rich authentic Lebanese sauce made of healthy sesame seeds ingredients. It contains your recommended daily nutrients to strengthen the joints.

Our Hot Sauce is a rich spicy Middle Eastern flavour that contains premier quality chili. It will boosts your immune system and gives you the energy you need during the day.

Our Garlic Sauce contains fresh garlic and eggs giving you the strength for your immune system, anti-oxidants and cleansing benefits for your body.

Our Tzatziki sauce is freshly mixed with cucumbers & fresh herbs and Greek yogurt giving you the daily nutrients of probiotic your system needs.

Our Hummus is a delicious homemade mixture of chickpeas, tahini with fresh lemon and aromas to revive the pleasurable taste of this delight.

Franchise Opportunity

Crispy Falafel’s mission is to deliver the authentic taste of the Mediterranean comfort food. However, it is not just about the food. For us, it is also about exceptional customer service and health of our customers. We are proud to serve our community, delivering the right taste and good memories for people. We aim to bring Mediterranean and healthy meal options to more and more people every day. Our plan to grow to multiple locations will enable us to help new customers to benefit from the authentic Mediterranean food in their neighborhood. We are offering opportunities to open new franchises across the lower mainland. Call our head office at
604-364-8122 or email us at to learn more about how you can join our team as a franchisee.